Orchard Garden Café & Restaurant

Established in 1998, Orchard Garden Café & Restaurant quickly gained a  reputation for its inventive blend of Japanese and western cuisine.  This charming restaurant welcomes diners with a tranquil surrounding thanks to its elegant and classic design.   Along with a wide range of delightful main dishes such as steak, pasta and pizza, is our ever-popular and decadent Dessert Menu.  Our extensive beverage choices range  from  specialty teas and coffee to cocktails and sake.   In order to do our best, we will review our dishes from time to time and promote new dishes to our customers.。


Dessert Bar

Dessert Bar offers a delicious  variety of desserts and snacks.  Conveniently located  within the Broadway Cinema complex, Dessert Bar is ideal for a quick bite before or  after a movie  or enjoy the  take out order while seeing the movie.  Be it a tasty signature waffle or  savory spaghetti, Dessert Bar has so much to offer.

Our Philosophy

We  strive to deliver inventive cuisine  by incorporating  the best and most current dishes from Japan and around the world.  The combination of quality ingredients, traditional cooking methods and outstanding service continue to excite diners year after year.  Orchard Garden Café and Restaurant is proud to have been awarded  the " Quality Tourism Service " certification., which is a further testament of our aim for excellence.